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Antibody Methotrexate Conjugation Kit

  • CM11407 Antibody Methotrexate Conjugates
  • CM11407 Methotrexate Chemical Structure
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CellMosaic has designed this kit for antibody (IgG) labeling of methotrexate (formerly known as amethopterin) for early stage screening of your antibody.

Methotrexate is a chemotherapy agent and immune system suppressant on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system. This kit includes chemically activated methoxtrexate, which can be directly coupled to the antibody in a single step. The product is purified to remove any unreacted SN38. 

This kit provides materials to label one antibody. Scale of the reaction: 3 mg.

Shipping policy: heat-sensitive, choose overnight (ships Mon.-Thur.) or 2-day delivery (ships Mon.-Wed.) at checkout.

Drug Information

  • Name: Methotrexate (amethopterin)
  • CAS number: 59-05-2
  • Mechanism of action: Competitively inhibits dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), an enzyme that participates in the tetrahydrofolate synthesis. Folic acid is essential for the de novo synthesis of the nucleoside thymidine. In addition, folate is essential for purine and pyrimidine base biosynthesis. By inhibiting DHFR, methotrexate inhibits the synthesis of DNA, RNA, thymidylates, and proteins.
  • Medical usage: Breast cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, lymphoma, and osteosarcoma

Key Features of this PerKit™

  • Offers a simple and easy way to label IgG with methotrexate with minimum exposure to the drug
  • Stable linkage
  • Single conjugation step, fast and easy preparation: 4 h preparation and <30 minutes hands-on time
  • All reagents and supplies included for preparation and purification
  • Over 90% pure conjugated products by SEC
  • Options to choose tailored services at CellMosaic after conjugation

After conjugation: you can choose to send your sample to CellMosaic for HPLC analysis and determination of the DOL.


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