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CellMosaic has built a strong IP portfolio, proprietary processes/methods, and trade secrets that allow us to develop proprietary bioconjugation-related products and services. The following tables list all the categories and sub-categories of CellMosaic offered Products & Services. Click the text to visit. 

Product Category

 Level 1

 Level 2

 Level 3

ADC and Other Drug Conjugate (ODC) Solutions


Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Kits 

ADC Kits List

Protein Drug Conjugate (PDC) Kits

PDC Kits List

AqT® Dual Labeling Kits and Products   

ADC and ODC Analysis       ADC and ODC Assay     ADC and ODC Standards and Controls       

ADC and ODC Routine Synthesis        Buffers and Others  

ADC and ODC Development & Manufacturing Services

AqT® ADC and PDC Partnering 

AqT® Reagents and Kits

 AqT® Biotin          AqT® Small Molecule Fluorescence Dye

AqT® Immobilization        oxLink™ and sxLink™ Protein Crosslinkers

AqT® Assay Plates

Standards and Controls  Analysis Standards   Controls
Biotin and Avidin/Streptavidin Reagents          Kits          Routine Synthesis          Custom Services
Enzyme Reagents          Kits          Routine Synthesis          Custom Services
Antibody Reagents          Kits          Routine Synthesis          Custom Services
Nucleic Acids and Oligonucleotides Reagents          Kits           Routine Synthesis         Custom Services
Peptide and Protein Reagents          

BSA Conjugates     KLH and Other Carriers

Peptide Reagents

Kits          Routine Synthesis          Custom Services
Small Molecules Reagents          

Drug Related       Drug of Abuse Related

Mass Tag and Labeling   Fluorescence Labeled

Crosslinking Reagents

Kits         Routine Synthesis       Custom Services   NeIon™ Labeling Kits and Products
Assay, Buffer, and Others  Assay Kits
Solid Support Reagents          Kits          Routine Synthesis          Custom Services


Service Category

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3



Custom Bioconjugation

Bioconjugate Drug Development & Manufacturing

Diagnostic Conjugate Development & Manufacturing


Bioconjugate Analysis & Purification

Bioassay Services        Biopurification Services         HPLC Analysis          MS Analysis