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Today, conjugate drug development is one of the fastest growing and promising sectors in the life science industry. Historically, the technical barrier for entering this sector is huge. To take advantage of this opportunity, a successful company needs to have robust conjugation processes and novel linkers/polymers in place. With few players and limited technologies in the market, most of the companies seek collaborations or licensing deals to develop conjugate drugs.

CellMosaic started the development of its conjugation-based platform in 2008 and has performed numerous conjugations involving a variety of molecules. AqT® linkers are by far the most pure, hydrophilic, and versatile linkers in development. We can effectively synthesize any AqT® molecule with superior properties for developing conjugate drugs. This flexibility in AqT® molecules cannot be matched by any existing linker/polymer technologies due to the versatile nature of sugar alcohol monomers and the modularity of their chemistry. We are also able to explore new opportunities beyond the ADC field for target-specific drug delivery due to our advanced conjugation processes and versatile AqT® architectures. With exclusive patents on AqT® molecules and our advanced conjugation processes, we are well positioned to collaborate/partner with other companies to develop AqT® conjugate drugs.

AqT® ADC Development & Manufacturing

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