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Biopurification Services

We offer purification services ranging from small molecules to large biopolymers. One of the key aspects of CellMosaic is that we are able to develop biopurification methods for the separation of a single and pure bioconjugate based on its properties. For example, most of the peptide and oligo-related conjugates are separated by reversed-phase HPLC, whereas antibody-based conjugates can be separated by affinity purification. Other bio macromolecule-based conjugates, such as HRP, may be separated by size-exclusion chromatography. For specific purification requirements, please request a quote.

Standard Services

Code Service Type Description
Standard HPLC
Standard HPLC purification uses a C18 column for the purification of peptides (small proteins) and oligos. Purity > 90%.
Gel filtration
Purification of conjugates based on the molecular weight (size-exclusion chromatography).
Protein A chromatography
Purification of IgG molecules.
Antigen affinity chromatography
For specific antibody purification. Please supply immobilized antigen media or request a custom immobilization.
Avidin/streptavidin purification
Use immobilized iminobiotin column
Metal ion affinity chromatography
For purification of proteins containing a His tag or purification of antibody-enzyme conjugate.

HPLC: high performance liquid chromatography.

Please ask us for a quote before placing an order.

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