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Our customers are diverse and come from all fields of the life sciences. We build long-term relationships with our customers and grow with them.

arrowConventional pharmaceutical companies:We help conventional pharmaceutical companies develop safer and more effective drugs by appending their small-molecule drug candidates with biomacromolecules. We also help them with custom synthesis of any bioconjugate for their research and development.

arrowsmBiopharmaceutical companies: We assist biopharmaceutical companies in modulating the pharmacology of their biologics through modification or tethering with other macromolecules. We also help them with the custom synthesis of any bioconjugate for their research and development.

arrowsmDiagnostic companies: We develop and make oligo-, peptide-, or antibody-based diagnostic bioconjugates for diagnostic companies according to their recommended designs.

arrowsmDetection companies: We develop bioconjugate-based reagents for detecting or assaying small molecules, food products, and toxins according to the customer’s recommendation.

arrowsmAcademic, research, and non-profit organizations: We custom synthesize difficult-to-procure or novel research bioconjugates for basic research.


Customers' testimonials:

"CellMosaic has provided us with service for the past two years in support of our preclinical research programs. CellMosaic is very knowledgable and helpful in the synthesis of our protein-protein conjugates designed to deliver therapeutic biologics across the blood brain barrier. They deliver to us products of high purity, always delivered on time, on budget and meet all of our product specifications, CellMosaics work is supported by state of the art analytics, professional reporting and certificates of analysis. We particularly appreciate their expert input into the development of specifications and analytic characterizations that support our budgets while meeting the requirements of our projects. We are pleased to recommend CellMosaic to any organization with needs for custom protein-protein conjugations."

—Tim Vitalis, PhD, Bioasis Technologies Inc. Vancouver British Columbia.

"At PAKA Pulmonary Pharmaceuticals, we are developing new drugs for lung diseases by conjugating small-molecule therapeutics with a peptide derived from human lung surfactant protein B. This program requires expertise in organic synthesis and protein chemistry as well as purification, characterization and sample preparation for preclinical testing. CellMosaic has provided all of these capabilities for PAKA, giving us close collaboration and timely execution, but without the capital expense and overhead of an in-house chemistry laboratory."

—Lee Brettman, MD, CEO, PAKA Pulmonary Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"CellMosaic maintains the highest quality standards for all products and provides consistent and reliable results. Customer support is exceptionally friendly, highly knowledgeable, and helpful in facilitating the projects. We were very impressed with the service and would recommend CellMosaic to any customer."

—Dr. Irina Sokolchik, PhD. Antech Diagnostics

"We periodically need a very small amount of compounds or metabolites for preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics, metabolite and pharmacodynamics evaluation and for establishing MS methods. Many of those compounds are very unstable and are extremely difficult to synthesize, purify, and analyze. CellMosaic demonstrated its ability to handle such challenges by synthesizing all the compounds that we requested in high purity and provided excellent QC data in relative short turn-around time compared to other custom synthesis vendors. Over the years, we have used CellMosaic many times for synthesizing anything that we cannot purchase or make in house. It accelerated our research, allowed us to focus on the key problems and use our resources efficiently. We highly recommend CellMosaic to anyone who would like to use CellMosaic’s custom synthesis service."

—Zhongfa Liu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics, Manager, Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, College of Pharmacy, Ohio State University