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AqT® ADC Development & Manufacturing

AqT® linkers are novel proprietary biomaterials invented at CellMosaic that are chemically assembled from a class of natural and edible sugar alcohol compounds with properties by design. AqT® linkers can be designed to label antibodies or proteins with very hydrophobic drugs to improve the overall performance of an ADC or PDC as a safer and more effective drug. 

Benefit of AqT® ADC

    • Decreased toxicity
      • Less aggregated with no or limited precipitation
      • More biocompatible
    • Increased efficacy
      • Increase antibody stability (prevent enzymatic degradation of the antibody during circulation)
      • Less heterogeneous (increased label efficiency)
      • Retention of binding activities
      • Higher loading if necessary
    • Strong Intellectual Property (IP) position
      • The first company in the sugar alcohol IP space. Freedom of operation.
      • Patent protection for broad composition matters of AqT® molecules and their conjugates.
      • Worldwide issued patents. 

AqT® ADC Development Path

Early-stage evaluation of AqT® technologies

To facilitate the Customer’s evaluation of CellMosaic’s AqT®-drug for Customer’s internal development and drug screening with short timeline and low cost, CellMosaic provides easy access to AqT® technologies without any license fee under CellMosaic's standard material transfer agreement (MTA). 

    • No accessing or license Fee for evaluation
      • Preparing AqT® ADC at CellMosaic with standard custom bioconjugation cost rate.
      • AqT® ADC are transferred under MTA.
      • Scale of the production: 1-3 mg (up to total 30 mg AqT®-ADC per drug) of Ab.
    • Selected AqT®-Drugs: AqT®-SN38 (CM81380), AqT®-VC-PAB-MMAE, AqT®-VC-PAB-Deruxtecan
    • Selected AqT® Linker and Linkage Chemistry: T4 linker for surface NH2 and reduced thiol labeling

Full AqT® ADC development plan

For Customers who wish to work from the beginning using AqT® technologies or after the completion of the early-stage evaluation, CellMosaic offers a flexible ways/term to work with for a full AqT® ADC development plan. 

    • Development partnership
    • Option to license
    • Joint-venture or equity partnership
    • Grant mechanism

Full AqT® ADC Discovery, Development & Manufacturing (Process similar to standard ADC development & manufacturing)

    • No limitation of AqT® drugs.* 
    • No limitation of AqT® linker and linkage chemistry.*
    • No limitation of the reaction scale or production scale
    • License terms and technology transfer to be negotiated

*: with compatible chemistry