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Our Mission

Tremendous improvements have been made in conjugation chemistry over the last few decades, with applications virtually everywhere in the life sciences. Scientists now can create exciting and useful molecules at will by revamping existing biomolecules, but this excitement occurs mostly at the chemical research level. A disconnect exists between the people who can create the molecules and the people who can use the molecules. Part of the reason is a lack of robust chemistry and general procedures for everyone to follow, the complexities of the biomolecules involved, and difficulties analyzing and purifying bioconjugates. On the other hand, even if a bioconjugate can be made, the conjugate may not be suitable for the intended usage due to its properties, e.g., poor solubility, reduced activity, or easily aggregating or precipitating out. All of these call for new crosslinking reagents and linkers that can be used to modulate the properties of these molecules.

CellMosaic’s mission is to develop bioconjugation-related products and services based on its proprietary platform technologies. Specifically, high-quality, innovative, and advanced bioconjugates will be made easily accessible by providing reagents/ready-to-go kits or help customers develop high-quality bioconjugate drug candidates, detection agents, or research tools through custom bioconjugation services and contract manufacturing.