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NeIon™ technologies use specifically designed organo-trifluoroborates compounds to label analytes of interest and improve their detection sensitivities in the negative ion mode in Mass Spectrometry (MS). NeIon™ technologies also offer a way to quantitate trace amounts of analytes of interest.

Organo trifluoroborates are stable, negatively charged molecules that can be used as MS tags.

  • Permanent negative charge (pH independent) unlike –PO3, –SO3, –COO groups (Enhanced sensitivity)
  • Produce (or induce) predictable fragmentation in MS/MS mode (Selectivity)

Example of a NeIon™ tag.



Why Negative Ion Mode 

Negative Mode Analysis

  • Very few MS analyses are performed in negative ion mode
  • Only a handful of molecules are negatively charged
  • Selectively labeling with a negative ion MS tag can significantly enhance (100 to 1000 fold) sensitivity (enhanced signal/noise)
  • To the best of our knowledge, no sensitivity/selectivity enhancing MS tag has been reported for negative ion mode analysis

Positive Ion Mode Analysis

  • Majority of MS analyses are performed in this mode
  • Most of the molecules (small or big) ionize in positive mode
  • High probability of interference and background noise
  • Sensitivity-enhancing mass tags have been developed for positive mode analysis
  • Crowded IP landscape


Fragmentation pattern of NeIon



 Multiplexing with NeIon™ Tag





Patent and License Restrictions

NeIon™ technologies are covered under US patent number 9346833B2 and 9518067B2 in the name of CellMosaic, Inc. The purchase of NeIon™ products includes a limited license to use theNeIon™ products for internal research and development but not for any commercial purposes. Commercial use shall include:

1. Sale, lease, license or other transfer of the material or any material derived or produced from it.

2. Sale, lease, license or other grant of rights to use this material or any material derived or produced from it.

3. Use of this material to perform services for a fee for third parties, including contract research and drug screening.

If you are interested in using NeIon™ reagents for commercial usage, please contact us for more information.