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CellMosaic's scientists have extensive experience in the bioconjugation field and have published numerous patents and papers in protein, antibody, sugar, peptide, and oligonucleotide based bioconjugation. We also work with various leading industry and academic consultants to ensure our competitive advantage in the bioconjugate field.

Yumei Huang, PhD — Founder, President & CEO

yumei-2024-c-medium.jpgDr. Huang has over 25 years of research experience in chemistry and biology, with extensive knowledge of conjugation chemistry and drug development. In 2008, Dr. Huang self-founded CellMosaic to develop platform technologies for bioconjugation and drug delivery. She developed the core advanced conjugation process for custom bioconjugation services and commercialized the personalized conjugation kit (PerKit™) and many other bioconjugation-related products based on these processes. She is also the sole inventor of sugar alcohol-based AqueaTether (AqT™) linkers and other crosslinking and MS-Tag technologies, such as OxLink™, SxLink™, and NeIon™. Under her leadership, CellMosaic was granted a Phase I SBIR award from the NIH, a Breast Cancer Research Breakthrough Award from the DOD, the 2015 annual Joseph R. Carter Innovation Award from MBI and MassBio, and 12 patents worldwide as of 2020.

Previously, Dr. Huang worked at Johnson Matthey Pharma Services, developing the API process and preparing GMP materials for various clients. She also worked at Ensemble Therapeutics, developing the core chemical technologies for a biodetection program and therapeutic development based on DNA-programmed chemistry. She is also the co-founder of Tianjin Alta Scientific Ltd. and served as the Chairman and Chief Technology Officer between 2011-2012. Dr. Huang was also a reviewer for NIH contract grant in 2023.

Dr. Huang obtained her Ph.D. in Bioorganic Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University. Her thesis project under Professor Philip P. Garner focused on the development of a new type of antisense drug based on peptides and oligonucleotides. She conducted her postdoctoral studies under Nobel Laureate H. Gobind Khorana at MIT, and her postdoctoral research was focused on understanding the roles of protein–protein interactions in the signal transduction pathway. Dr. Huang also has an M.S. in Organic Chemistry from the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (also known as Graduate School in Beijing, University of Science and Technology of China) and a B.S. in Organic Chemistry from NanKai University. 

Subhakar Dey, PhD — Chief Technology Officer

Subi has over 25 years of experience in chemistry, molecular biology, mass spectrometry, and clinical diagnostic assay/product development and commercialization. Subi joined CellMosaic in 2019 to lead the company’s various technological aspects, including new product development, diagnostic and therapeutic application of AqT™ technologies, and core intellectual property creation. Subi also oversees all technical aspects of customer projects, and participates in the strategic planning and web design/marketing strategy for the company.

Prior to joining CellMosaic, Subi fulfilled the leadership role of Manager of IVD assay R&D at Sciex Clinical Diagnostics (Danaher Corp.). Under his leadership, the first mass spectrometry-based FDA-cleared IVD assay (Vitamin D assay) was launched. He was the departmental process owner (DPO) in establishing standard work/processes for verification and validation of IVD assays at Sciex. He also participated in the policy deployment processes at Sciex and deployed Danaher Business System (DBS) including Kaizen and daily and visual management to streamline assay development.

Previously, Subi was a Senior Scientist at Applied Biosystems, working on PNA-based single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection probes. In the area of proteomics (LC/MS-MS), he developed and invented blockbuster proteomics and diagnostic reagents tags, such as iTRAQ®, Amplifex™ Keto, and Amplifex™ Diene Reagents. Subi has more than 20 patents and numerous publications and awards.

Subi has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University and conducted postdoctoral work at Northwestern University on nucleic acid chemistry. He obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kanpur, India.