CellMosaic to Exhibit at the AACR Annual Meeting 2024

CellMosaic to Exhibit at the AACR Annual Meeting 2024

Posted by Yumei Huang on 13th Mar 2024

Come visit us at Booth 4438 next to the left side of poster sections 1-19 in the Exhibition Hall. Meet our experts to find out about recent developments in bioconjugation at CellMosaic, and learn about how our bioconjugation solutions will help you in your research and drug development. Featured topics include CellMosaic’s:

  • Antibody-drug conjugation (ADC) and protein drug conjugation (PDC) kits to help in drug development
  • Proprietary super-hydrophilic AqueaTether® (AqT®) linkers for drug conjugation, delivery, and diagnostic research
  • AqueaTether® linker-based conjugation kits and products
  • Other personalized conjugation kits
  • Custom bioconjugation services and routine synthesis
  • Other drug conjugate development and manufacturing

Booth Number: 4438

Date: April 5-10, 2024

Location: San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California

Exhibit Show Dates and Times:

Sunday, April 7, 1 – 5 pm

Monday, April 8, 9 am – 5 pm

Tuesday, April 9, 9 am – 5 pm

Wednesday, April 10, 9 am – 5 pm

Click link here for Online Showroom.

Email info@cellmosaic.com to schedule a one-to-one consultation on your bioconjugation project at Booth 4438.   


About CellMosaic, Inc. 

CellMosaic® Inc. is a Massachusetts-based biotech company dedicated to creating high-quality, innovative, and advanced bioconjugates. Bioconjugates are used broadly as research tools, diagnostic reagents, and a novel modality for drugs. Due to the complexities of the bioconjugation process and requirement of techniques and knowledge across multidisciplinary fields, not many companies are competent to offer high-quality bioconjugation services and to provide high-quality bioconjugates. CellMosaic was established in 2008 to fill this gap and has since spent a lot of research effort on developing innovative linkers, crosslinking technologies, and advanced bioconjugation processes. CellMosaic’s current business is organized into four units: 1) Reagent/kit business commercializing bioconjugate reagents and personalized bioconjugation kits (PerKit®) based on CellMosaic’s advanced bioconjugation processes − many of these PerKits™ are for preparation of advanced bioconjugates by the customer, such as antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), antibody oligo conjugates (AOCs), and single labeled bioconjugates; 2) Custom conjugation services for research bioconjugates; 3) Contract bioconjugate manufacturing focusing on process development, scale-up, and GLP/GMP manufacturing, and 4) AqT® ADC development focusing on licensing and manufacturing next-generation ADCs using super-hydrophilic and high loading AqT® linkers. These four business units complement each other and form an integrated bioconjugation workflow from ideation to commercialization.