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Custom Conjugation Guide

Bioconjugation is a chemical process that links two or more biomolecules together to create new molecules. At CellMosaic, we use "bioconjugation" to describe any chemical process that involves changing a biomolecule's properties through covalent modification, labeling, conjugation, or immobilization. The following chart illustrates the global workflow for custom bioconjugation at CellMosaic using our advanced conjugation processes. Charges are itemized as individual modules as shown below and can be added/removed from an order as needed. Please click through the individual buttons or modules to learn more about the process. 

work flow for custom conjugation Small molecule small molecule activation biopolymer biopolymer modification biopolymer labeling biopolymer conjugation biopolymer immobilization surface activation purification analysis


Red modules represent the services that are offered to the customer, whereas light blue modules represent in-house processes supporting our bioconjugation services. Because each molecule is different, we usually need to discuss custom synthesis with customers before providing a quote. To learn more about ordering and the specifications for starting materials, please click small molecules and biopolymers