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Small Molecule Supply

Non-commercial small molecule supplied by customer:

Small molecules supplied by the customer should be sufficiently pure (≥95% pure). We ask that customers provide the QC data (typically HPLC and NMR data) and MSDS (if any) along with their compound. We can assist with the purification and acquisition of HPLC/NMR data. If necessary, we can also assist with the activation of small molecules.

Commercially available small molecule:

Commercially available small molecules can be supplied by customers or ordered through CellMosaic. We have some common small molecules in stock, including common fluorescent dyes, biotin-NHS, and other hetero-bifunctional crosslinkers. Please call us and check if we have the compound you need for conjugation. For compounds that are in stock, CellMosaic will charge customers only the amount needed for conjugation. If the small molecules are to be purchased separately, the cost of acquiring this material will be added to the invoice plus an administration charge.

Non-commercially available small molecules:

We can synthesize small molecules either in house or through a third party. A quote will be prepared for such service.