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Our Approach

Conjugation provides a unique method of developing new drugs, new diagnostic reagents, and new tools for studying biological problems. The concept is relatively simple, but the process is very complicated, involving the manipulation of delicate biomolecules with various crosslinking reagents in aqueous environments. CellMosaic has built a strong IP portfolio, proprietary processes/methods, and trade secrets that allow us to develop proprietary bioconjugation-related products and services. There are several approaches we use to work with our customers/collaborators to achieve their goals.

arrowsmFee-for-service approach (Service): Conjugation techniques have been developed for decades, evolving into a set of robust chemistries and some well-tested linkers. We will continue using these classical methods and tools to assemble standard conjugates for customers to use or commercialize without the need for licensing. The services we provide include custom synthesis, process development, and manufacturing, as well as bioanalytical, biopurification, and functional group assays.

arrowsmKit development approach (kit): For some bioconjugations that utilizing customer's starting material with defined processes, we commercialize them as a Personalized Conjugation Kit for customer to use in house.

arrowsmReagent development approach (Reagent): For specific chemicals and conjugates used frequently by customers, we commercialize them as a reagent product.

arrowsmPartner/Collaborative approach (AqT® bioconjugate): We partner and help our customer to develop innovative and advanced bioconjugate using CellMosaic's proprietary AqT® linker.