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CellMosaic® Inc. is an innovator and leader in bioconjugation and crosslinking technologies. 

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CellMosaic® is a Massachusetts based platform technology company dedicated to creating high-quality, innovative, and advanced bioconjugates. Bioconjugates are used broadly as research tools, diagnostic reagents, and a novel modality for drugs, such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Due to the complexities of the bioconjugation process and requirement of techniques across multidisciplinary fields, not many companies are competent to offer high-quality bioconjugation services and provide high-quality bioconjugates. CellMosaic was established in 2008 by Dr. Huang to fill this gap based on her extensive experience in bioconjugation, drug development, and manufacturing

Since 2008, CellMosaic® has spent a lot of research effort on developing advanced conjugation processes that involve controlled, site-specific, or single labeling methods. These processes can generate single ratio conjugates with greater than 90% purity. We have built a successful custom conjugation service business based on these processes and delivered more than 500 projects and 300 unique conjugates (as of March 2023) for our customers covering a variety of compounds. In late 2016, CellMosaic® started to commercialize personalized™ conjugation kits (PerKit™) based on these conjugation processes. In Dec. 2017, CellMosaic® expanded PerKit™ product line to antibody drug conjugate (ADC) and protein drug conjugate (PDC). Customers can use these kits in house to prepare conjugates with similar high quality as we do at CellMosaic®. For chemicals and conjugates used frequently by customers, CellMosaic® commercialize them as a reagent product. For details regarding CellMosaic's PerKit™ and related products, please visit our products and services page.

In early 2011, CellMosaic® began to develop new type of crosslinkers to overcome the difficulties of labeling and conjugating hydrophobic compounds. CellMosaic® pioneered the concept of utilizing natural and edible sugar alcohol (SA) monomers to chemically assemble a new type of crosslinking reagents and polymer carriers, called AqueaTether® (AqT®), for conjugation and drug delivery. SA is structurally analogous to polyethylene glycol (PEG), but has many advantages over PEG in terms of a) hydrophilicity, b) loading, c) versatility, and d) easy customization. AqT® linkers/polymers are by far the most versatile molecules in development. CellMosaic® is currently developing next-generation bioconjugation kits and products based on AqT® linkers. The AqT® platform can also be applied to create new and better therapeutics across a broad range of drug molecules and treatment indications. The AqT® platform can significantly accelerate the drug discovery process to deliver an optimized entity for development. It provides a broadly applicable approach to developing a new chemical entity (NCE) or new biological entity (NBE) with optimized drug profiles. The AqT® platform offers a simple solution to complicated bioavailability, stability, and/or toxicity issues faced by many small-molecule hydrophobic drugs, as well as with large-molecule biologics. Over the years, several other key technologies have also been developed at CellMosaic®, including oxLink™ and sxLink™ technologies for studying protein–protein interactions, and NeIon™ technologies for detecting and quantitating trace amounts of analytes of interest by Mass Spectrometry. Currently, we are developing products using these technologies for R&D usage. For details regarding our technologies, please visit our technologies page. 

Currently, CellMosaic's business is organized into four units to help with our customer's demand for high-quality, innovative, and advanced bioconjugates: 1) Reagents/Kits: reagents include pre-made bioconjugates or labeled/modified molecules and kit is for customer to prepare bioconjugate in house; 2) Services for R&D bioconjugates: custom bioconjugation services and standardized routine bioconjugation synthesis; 3) Contract development and manufacturing of bioconjugate drug and diagnostic conjugates: CDMO will focus on process development, scale-up, and GLP/GMP manufacturing. This also includes the development and manufacturing of ADC with clinically validated classical linkers; 4) AqT® ADC development and manufacturing: enable our customer to use innovative AqT® linkers for novel ADC development and manufacturing.