Biopolymer Conjugation

CellMosaic provides custom synthesis of bioconjugates for a variety of biopolymers, including antibodies, antibody fragments, enzymes, such as alkaline phosphatase (AP) and horseradish peroxidase (HRP), proteins, peptides and peptidomimetics, DNA and DNA analogs, and avidin/streptavidin. The diagram on the right shows a biopolymer (M1) covalently linked to one or several (n) biopolymers (M2) through a linker (L).

CellMosaic has also a lot of Personalized Conjugation Kits (PerKit™) for biopolymer conjugation such as antibody-HRP, HRP-oligo conjugation kit, please click here to learn our PerKit™ product line.

For large scale or project beyond the scope of PerKit™ configuration, please contact us for a quote.

Selected examples:

  • AP—Oligo Conjugate Example 1: Preparation of single labeled AP-oligo conjugates.

    AP—Oligo Conjugate

    Alkaline phosphatase (AP) is a hydrolase enzyme responsible for removing phosphate groups from many types of molecules, such as nucleotides and proteins. It is used to detect target proteins through chromogenic, chemiluminescent, or fluorescent outputs...

  • Fab—HRP conjugate Scheme: thiol modified Fab reaction with maleimide activated enzyme

    Fab—HRP conjugate

    CellMosaic routinely performs HRP conjugation with antibody fragments and has Personalized Conjugation Kits (PerKit™), please click here to learn our PerKit™ product line. For large scale or project beyond the scope of PerKit™...

  • Oligo—Antibody Conjugate Scheme: thiol modified IgG reaction with maleimide activated oligo

    Oligo—Antibody Conjugate

    CellMosaic routinely performs oligo-antibody conjugation for customers and has Personalized Conjugation Kit (PerKit™) for oligo-antibody with average 1-3 oligos per antibody (Cat#: CM53405). For large scale, single labeling, or project beyond the...

  • Peptide—Oligo Conjugate Example 1: Synthesis and purification of BHQ2 oligo-peptide conjugates.

    Peptide—Oligo Conjugate

    At CellMosaic, we routinely synthesize oligo-peptide conjugates for customers, in particularly, the ones that customers have difficulties in obtaining themselves due to the properties of the starting oligos or peptides. We use various strategies to...