CellMosaic Receives Notice of Allowance from the Chinese Intellectual Property Office for Another Patent on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules

Posted by Yumei Huang on 7th Oct 2019

CellMosaic announced today that the Chinese IP Office issued a formal Notice of Allowance for another patent on AqueaTether (AqT™) molecules (Application No. 201710164951.6 entitled “Novel crosslinking reagents, macromolecules, therapeutic bioconjugates, and synthetic methods thereof”). Upon issuance, the patent will provide intellectual property protection for a broad range of monomeric AqT™ photo crosslinking molecules constructed from sugar alcohols or modified sugar alcohols. 

About AqT™ molecules

AqT™ molecules are novel chemical entities designed and created at CellMosaic based on sugar alcohol monomers. Sugar alcohols occur naturally in foods and are often used as ingredients in sweeteners. AqT™ molecules are super-hydrophilic molecules and have many advantages over classical linkers and polymers, such as PEG and PLGA, in terms of improved hydrophilicity, biodegradability, loading, versatility, and ease of customization. AqT™ molecules allow maximum flexibility in building and generating novel drug conjugates with enhanced therapeutic profiles due to their super-hydrophilic, mono-disperse, and multifunctional natures. For example, shorter AqT™ cross linkers allow convenient linking of hydrophobic drug molecules to a targeting biopolymer in water without a loss of activity, improving efficacy in vivo. When used to label a therapeutic biopolymer, an AqT™ polymer can increase the protein’s stability in circulation, reducing its immunogenicity and decreasing the frequency of dosing. The mono-dispersed AqT™ polymer makes homogeneous conjugation possible, a manufacturing process that is predictable and easy to control. The AqT™ polymer can also be designed with multiple conjugation sites for loading hydrophobic chemotherapeutic agents. This will greatly increase the solubility and stability of hydrophobic drugs, increasing the amount of targeted drug delivery to the tumors and potentially reducing undesirable side effects and the therapeutic dosing frequency.

About CellMosaic, Inc.

CellMosaic, Inc. is an innovator and leader in bioconjugation and crosslinking technologies. Several key technologies are being developed at CellMosaic, including oxLink™ technologies for studying protein–protein interactions; NeIon™ technologies for detecting and quantitating trace amounts of analytes of interest; super-hydrophilic AqueaTether™ linkers for clean conjugation of antibody/protein/peptide/oligo with small molecule drugs; biocompatible, biodegradable, mono-dispersed AqueaTether™ macromolecules for modification of protein/peptide/oligo drugs and the preparation of highly loaded small molecule drugs for better delivery; and bioconjugation platform technologies involving screening, labeling/crosslinking, purification, and analysis of any bioconjugate. The company is also actively engaged in serving life science communities by providing custom synthesis of high quality bioconjugate products.

About AqueaTether™ Therapeutics

AqueaTether™ Therapeutics is a division of CellMosaic created in 2016. AqueaTether ™ Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of novel hybrid drug entities beyond the conventional drug classes by using AqueaTether™ (AqT™) conjugation and delivery platform technologies. We work together with our partners to advance their programs. For more information regarding AqueaTether™ based bioconjugate drugs, please visit our website: www.aqttherapeutics.com.