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ADC Stabilizing Buffer

  • ADC Stabilizing PBS Buffer (5x)
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Product Description

Stabilizing buffer for long-term storage of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), protein-drug conjugates, or any antibody/protein that has been modified with very hydrophobic small molecules.

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are new types of therapeutics currently being developed by many pharmaceutical and biotech companies. An ADC generally involves linking a very hydrophobic chemical compound to an antibody. An ADC linked through a classical linker tends to aggregate and precipitate out from solution over time. The general guideline at CellMosaic is to prepare ADCs using our conjugation kits immediately before use. Some of the ADCs may be stored at 4°C for a few weeks or months. Freeze storage of ADCs is generally not recommended due to the possibility of accelerated aggregation or precipitation during the freezing process.

CellMosaic has developed proprietary ADC stabilizing buffers that can be used for long-term storage of ADCs. The buffers contain stabilizers to prevent the hydrophobic drugs from interacting with one another and keep the ADCs in solution when stored below freezing conditions. Stabilizers also help preserve the structure of the ADCs during lyophilization. After lyophilization, ADCs can be dissolved in deionized water without changing their properties. Lyophilized ADCs can also be shipped or stored at RT temporarily. Furthermore, stabilizing buffers are biocompatible and will not interfere with any in vitro or in vivo studies. The buffer does not contain preservative, protease inhibitors, reducing agents, metal chelators such as EDTA, or other carrier proteins. If needed, all buffer components can be removed by dialysis or desalting before use in downstream assays.

Note: the degree of stabilizing effects is antibody- and drug-specific. CellMosaic recommends checking the ADCs periodically by HPLC to ensure its shelf life in ADC stabilizing buffer.

Application of the product:

Stabilizing and storing antibody-drug conjugates, protein-drug conjugates, or any protein labeled with very hydrophobic small molecules via classical hydrophobic linkers, including PEG.


Dilute the 5x Stabilizing Buffer five-fold in ADC solution with the same buffer system. For example, if your ADC is in PBS buffer, use Stabilizing PBS buffer. If your ADCs are in other buffers, use Stabilizing General Buffer. Stabilizing Citrate buffer has a slightly acidic pH environment (pH 6.5) and is the preferred choice for storage of ADCs. For best results, dilute the 5x Stabilizing Citrate Buffer to 1x, then exchange the buffer with your ADCs. Aliquot your ADC samples into a few tubes, lyophilize to dryness, and store below -20°C. Aliquoted ADCs can also be stored frozen at less than -20°C.

Available products

Product Number





ADC Stabilizing PBS Buffer (5x)

10 mL

Containing 5x PBS buffer and other stabilizers. Use for ADCs in PBS buffer.


ADC Stabilizing Citrate Buffer (5x)

10 mL

Containing 5x Citrate buffer and other stabilizers. pH 6.5


ADC Stabilizing General Buffer (5x)

10 mL

Containing only stabilizers

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