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Streptavidin Antibody Conjugation Kit

  • Streptavidin antibody conjugates
  • Streptavidin antibody conjugation scheme
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Streptavidin is used extensively in molecular biology and bionanotechnology due to its extraordinarily high affinity for biotin (dissociation constant in the femtomolar range). The binding of biotin to streptavidin is one of the strongest non-covalent interactions known in nature. Streptavidin is a 52.8 kDa homo-tetramer protein purified from the bacterium Streptomyces avidini. This personalized kit is designed for streptavidin to work with any IgG antibody. Using the kit components, the customer converts their antibody (supplied by the customer) to a thiol-antibody, followed by reaction with activated streptavidin to generate the streptavidin-antibody conjugates. One step purification typically provides the resulting streptavidin-antibody at greater than 90% purity.

This kit provides materials to label one (CM52420x1) to three antibody samples (CM52420x3). Total amount of activated streptavidin included in a reaction: 2 mg. Amount of IgG needed: 1 mg per reaction.

Shipping policy: heat-sensitive, choose overnight (ships Mon.-Thur.) or 2-day delivery (ships Mon.-Wed.) at checkout.

Key Features of this Streptavidin-Antibody Conjugation Kit:

  • Use of heterobifunctional crosslinkers for direct labeling and conjugation in a two-step process
    • Better control over the conjugation process,
    • Limit self coupling and polymerization that often encountered when EDC or homobifunctional crosslinkers are used
  • Target 1-3 Streptavidin per antibody for a typical labeling
  • A single purification step affords over 90% pure of Streptavidin-antibody conjugates 
  • Fast preparation: less than 3 h hands-on time
  • All reagents included, from preparation to purification
  • Options to choose tailored services at CellMosaic after conjugation

After conjugation: you can choose to send your sample to CellMosaic for HPLC analysis of the conjugates.

 Labeling Chemistry


Typical Kit Performance Data (LC Analysis, CellMosaic)

Antibody information: A therapeutic antibody (Human IgG1 subtype)

Kit Lot number: 5519.S10.080818

Figure 1: Size-exclusion HPLC analysis of the antibody (Ab, red), activated streptavidin (Strep, blue), and purified streptavidin-antibody conjugates (green). 



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