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Perkit™ peptide-oligo conjugation kit

  • Peptide oligo conjugation kit CM42301
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CellMosaic® has designed this personalized peptide-oligo conjugation kit to work with any peptide containing a reactive Cys group and an amine-modified oligos. The customer supplies the amine-modified oligos, which are readily available from many commercial oligo suppliers. The customer also supplies the Cys peptide. Using the kit components, the customer converts the amine-oligo to a maleimide-oligo, followed by reaction of the thiol-peptide to generate the conjugates. One step purification step typically provides the resulting peptide-oligo at greater than 80% purity. 

This kit provides materials to perform one to three conjugations. Scale of the reaction based on oligo: 50 nmol.

The kit materials will be supplied based on your oligo length, peptide sequence, and peptide length. Please supply these information when you places the order. Note: some combination of the peptide and oligo may not work with this kit. If this is the case, CellMosaic will supply a quote for a custom synthesis.

Requirement for Cys peptide:

  • Amount: 1-5 mg depending on the peptide MW
  • HPLC purified and lyophilized. Please make sure there is no reducing reagents, such as DTT are present. The Cys peptide should be stored at -80 degrees Celsius.
  • HPLC purity: >85% for N-terminal Cys peptide and >90% for C-terminal Cys peptide 

Requirement for amine-oligo:

  • Amount: 50 nmol 
  • HPLC purified and lyophilized
  • Additional components of acid or other molecules containing primary or secondaryamine groups and thiol should NOT be present 

Key Features of this Peptide-Oligo Conjugation Kit:

  • Offers a simple and easy way to prepare oligo-peptide conjugate
  • Single label 
  • Fast and easy preparation: 6 h preparation and <2 h hands-on time
  • All reagents and supplies included for preparation to purification
  • Options to choose tailored services at CellMosaic prior to and after conjugation

After conjugation: you can choose to send your sample to CellMosaic for HPLC analysis of the conjugates.


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