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Oligonucleotide Labeling

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  • Scheme: oligo labeling through an NHS ester
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Product Description

Oligo nucleotides (DNA or RNA) can be labeled anywhere (3', 5', or via a modified base). The conjugation can be performed in either solid phase or post-synthesis solution phase. Usually a single pure labeled oligo can be obtained. The advantages of our oligo labeling strategy are:

  • Freedom to attach a drug or molecule of interest at any point in the oligo.
  • Other functional groups in the molecule, such as OH, NH2, and SH, will not be affected by the labeling step.

Oligo modification through an amino functional group is the most straightforward labeling method that often used at CellMosaic. Aliphatic primary amine can be introduced to 5' or 3' end of the oligo during synthesis. Exo-cyclic amino groups in Cytosine and Guanine are usually not modified under the reaction conditions. An amino group can also be introduced to the 5'-phosphate via carbodiimide coupling. 

  • Chemistry: Amine reaction with NHS or other active esters.
  • Product: Oligo nucleotide labeled with a single small molecule. Product is HPLC purified and usually over 95% pure.
  • Procedure: Labeling of oligo, in-process HPLC analysis, desalting, HPLC purification and lyophilization. Finally concentration determination, HPLC and MS analysis.
  • Price: Contact us for a quote.
  • Starting material: Please check biopolymer and small molecule for ordering information.
  • Note: For large scale preparation or labeling of oligo on solid phase, please contact us for a quotation. Extra handling fee may apply for RNA.

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