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HRP Oligo Conjugation Kit (Single Label with Thiol Oligo)

  • HRP-oligo conjugate through thiol ether formation
  • HRP thiol oligo conjugation scheme
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This HRP-Oligo Conjugation kit works with a protected thiol-modified oligos (disulfide form). The customer supplies the thiol-modified oligos containing 3’ C6 disulfide linker or 5’ C6 disulfide linker, which are readily available from many commercial oligo suppliers. Using the kit components, the customer reduces the disulfide bond of the oligo, followed by reaction of the thiol-oligo with activated HRP to generate the HRP-oligo conjugates. The Q-column purification step typically provides the resulting HRP-oligo at greater than 85% purity

This kit provides materials to label one (CM53402x1) to three oligo samples (CM53402x3). Scale of the reaction: 5 nmole oligo.

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Requirement for thiol-oligo:

  • Amount: 5 nmol 
  • The oligo is modified with 3’ C6 disulfide linker or 5’ C6 disulfide linker
  • Preferably, the disulfide-oligo should be HPLC purified and lyophilized

Key Features of this HRP-Oligo Conjugation Kit:

  • High quality maleimide activated HRP for the conjugation: >99% purity and >200 units/mg protein activity 
  • Optimal maleimide groups per HRP for single label of oligo:  1.2 for typical batch
  • A single purification step affords 85~90% of single labeled HRP-oligo conjugates 
  • Fast preparation: less than 1 h hands-on time
  • Easy purification: less than 30 minutes
  • No activity loss of the  HRP after the conjugation and purification
  • All reagents included, from preparation to purification

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The oligo is modified with 3’ C6 disulfide linker or 5’ C6 disulfide linker

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