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10/07/2019 CellMosaic  Inc. receives Notice of Allowance from the Chinese Intellectual Property Office for another patent on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules. Read more >>>

02/18/2019 CellMosaic to exhibit at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019. Read more >>>

04/11/2018 CellMosaic to present AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules at the upcoming American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting. Read more >>>

11/08/2017 CellMosaic®, Inc. receives Notice of Allowance on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules from the Japanese Intellectual Property Office.  Read more >>>

11/01/2017 CellMosaic®, Inc. receives Notice of Allowance on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules from the Australian Intellectual Property Office Read more >>>

10/27/2017 CellMosaic®, Inc. receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO for another patent on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules Read more >>>

03/05/2017  CellMosaic®, Inc. receives Notice of Allowance from USPTO on reversible oxime photocrosslinking reagent (oxLink™) molecules for studying protein-protein interactions Read more >>>

02/23/2017  CellMosaic, Inc. received Notice of Allowance on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules from the Chinese Intellectual Property Office.  Read more >>>

02/14/2017  CellMosaic has received the registration certificate from USPTO for trademark "CELLMOSAIC" (registration no. 5,105,195, Int. Cl.: 1, 42). The trade mark was initial filed on March 18, 2009. The Notice of allowance was received on Sept. 8, 2015. The mark was registered on Dec. 20, 2016.

02/13/2017  CellMosaic, Inc. Spins Out AqueaTether™ Technology into Separate Division, AqueaTether Therapeutics. Read more >>>

11/07/2016  CellMosaic received Notice of Allowance for Another Patent on NeIon™ Molecules. Read more >>>

08/03/2016  CellMosaic received Notice of Allowance for AqueaTether™ Molecules. Read more >>>

04/26/2016 CellMosaic received the 2015 Joseph R. Carter Innovation Award. Read more >>>


04/25/2016 CellMosaic received Notice of Allowance for NeIon™ Technologies. Read more >>>

12/31/2015 Due to the ever-increasing demand of the business, CellMosaic was relocated from Worcester to one of the Cummings Properties' Woburn locations. CellMosaic's new facility includes office space as well as state-of-the-art chemical, bioconjugation, and bioanalysis lab. Woburn is less than fifteen miles away from Cambridge and Boston.

03/23/2015 CellMosaic was awarded a Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough Award from DOD Office of CDMRP. Read more >>>

12/10/2014 CellMosaic granted first U.S. patent on AqueaTether™ (AqT™) molecules. Read more >>>

12/31/2013 CellMosaic was converted from a MA Limited Liability Company to a Delaware C corporation.

12/17/2013 CellMosaic signed a collaboration research agreement (CRADA) with the National Cancer Institute to co-develop two AqT™ based conjugate drugs. One is an antibody-drug conjugate for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and another is a protein-drug conjugate targeting CA125 for the treatment of ovarian cancer. Under the agreement, NCI will provide its proprietary antibody and CellMosaic will design and synthesize an antibody-drug conjugate and protein-drug conjugate using its proprietary AqT™ linker and advanced conjugation processes. The CRADA grants CellMosaic an exclusive license option from NCI for any new products developed under this CRADA.

09/11/2013  CellMosaic awarded Phase I SBIR Grant from NIH for development of new technologies for transient molecular complex characterization. Read more >>>