CellMosaic, Inc. Spins Out AqueaTether™ Technology into Separate Division, AqueaTether Therapeutics.

Posted by Yumei Huang on 13th Feb 2017

Woburn, MA, Feb. 13, 2017 – CellMosaic announces that it has formed a separate division to support development and commercialization of its proprietary AqueaTether™ (AqT™) technologies. The new entity will control and manage the technology and intellectual property of AqT™ to better service its partners.

The driving motivation for the new division is to simplify the intellectual property and licensing for the AqT™ technology without interfering with CellMosaic’s existing service business and CellMosaic’s other intellectual property, but the spin out from its parent company, CellMosaic, Inc., also establishes a single business focus for developing AqT™ opportunities in life science applications. The separation of AqT™ into a separate division will allow CellMosaic clients to continue to engage in traditional and custom bioconjugation services, and also allow independent, proprietary AqT™ development programs to be more flexible for our partners.

“The structuring of AqueaTether™ Therapeutics as a separate division out of CellMosaic’s core service business will help both CellMosaic and AqT™ to best meet the needs of our clients and our development partners”, said Dr. Yumei Huang, founder and CEO of CellMosaic. “We are also very pleased to announce the appointment Walter Lunsmann to lead AqT™ Therapeutics. Walter brings a great range of experience in drug delivery and development, and we’re very enthusiastic to have him help expand the impact of the AqT™ technology to the life sciences.” Dr. Yumei Huang will serve as the Chief Scientific Officer of AqueaTether™ Therapeutics.

About CellMosaic, Inc.

CellMosaic, Inc. is an innovator and leader in bioconjugation and crosslinking technologies. The company is actively engaged in serving the life science communities by providing custom synthesis of high quality bioconjugate products. Besides the AqueaTether™ technology, several other key technologies are being developed at CellMosaic, including oxLink™ technologies for studying protein–protein interactions; and NeIon™ technologies for detecting and quantitating trace amounts of analytes of interest.

About AqueaTether™ Therapeutics

AqueaTether™ Therapeutics is an independent division of CellMosaic. AqueaTether™ Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of novel hybrid drug entities beyond the conventional drug classes by using biocompatible, biodegradable, mono-dispersed, super-hydrophilic AqueaTether™ linkers as a delivery platform for improved protein, peptide, and oligo based drugs. AqueaTether™ Therapeutics works together with our partners to advance their therapeutic programs. For more information regarding AqT™-based, proprietary bioconjugate drugs, please visit our website: www.aqttherapeutics.com.

About Walter J. Lunsmann, MS, MBA — CEO, AqT™ Therapeutics

Mr. Lunsmann joined CellMosaic in 2016, bringing over 20 years of experience in drug delivery and development to the role. Walter has led product development teams through all phase of development, from discovery through ANDA and NDA filings. Prior to working at CellMosaic, Walter co-founded VivoPath, a discovery services provider which was acquired in 2014. At VivoPath, Walter led internal scientific and operational teams performing research and preclinical testing for clients. Before VivoPath, Walter led the Pharmaceutical Operations and Bioanalytical teams at Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, directing all GLP analytical and GMP development and manufacturing activities to support clinical program requirements. Prior to Sirtris, Walter was Associate Director of Formulations for Synta Pharmaceuticals, responsible for Formulation and Manufacturing activities for Discovery and Clinical programs in oncology and immunology. Walter previously was Study Director and Manager of Formulations for Cardinal Health at the Somerset, NJ Product Development Center. Walter received his M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, his MBA from the Stern School of Business, and his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.