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Oligo—Antibody Conjugate

  • Image 1
  • Scheme: thiol modified IgG reaction with maleimide activated oligo
  • Example 1: Antibody and oligo conjugates linked through a thiol ether bond.
Custom synthesis, please contact us for a quote.

CellMosaic routinely performs oligo-antibody conjugation for customers and has Personalized Conjugation Kits (PerKit™), please click here to learn our PerKit™ product line. For large scale or project beyond the scope of PerKit™ configuration, please contact us for a quote.

Examples (see images):

  1. Synthesis and purification of oligo and antibody conjugates at CellMosaic (shown below): >98% conjugates by size exclusion HPLC, characteristic UV spectrum of Ab (280 nm) and oligo (260 nm).




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