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AP—Oligo Conjugate

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  • Example 1: Preparation of single labeled AP-oligo conjugates.
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Product Description

Alkaline phosphatase (AP) is a hydrolase enzyme responsible for removing phosphate groups from many types of molecules, such as nucleotides and proteins. It is used to detect target proteins through chromogenic, chemiluminescent, or fluorescent outputs. CellMosaic is the preferred choice for diagnostic companies to source highly pure and single-labeled AP-oligo conjugates.

  • Chemistry: AP and oligo linked together through a thiol ether bond. In many cases, a long PEG crosslinker may be used for the flexibility and preservation of AP activities.
  • Specification: Single label or a pool of heterogeneous DOL products depending on customer's request.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of amine modified-oligo with NHS ester-maleimide followed by gel filtration to remove excess crosslinking reagents; then, thiolation of AP followed by conjugation of AP and purification. Finally, concentration determination and gel electrophoresis analysis of oligo-HRP conjugates. Different purification strategies may be used for large-scale AP-oligo conjugates.
  • Price: Contact us for a quote.
  • Starting materials: Please check biopolymer for ordering information.
  • Discount: 15 % discount price applies to additional conjugates ordered at the same time

Examples (see images):

  1. Synthesis and purification of a single-labeled AP-oligo conjugates at CellMosaic (shown below): >99.9% pure by anion exchange HPLC, characteristic UV spectrum of AP (280 nm) and oligo (260 nm). 



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