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SepSphereTM High Capacity Protein A Agarose

  • SepSphereTM Protein A agarose
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CellMosaic's SepSphere protein A agarose is a high-quality affinity resin for antibody purification, fractionation, and immunoprecipitation. SepSphere protein A agarose is prepared by covalently coupling purified recombinant protein A to 4% crosslinked agarose beads using a cyanogen bromide activation method. Protein A binds specifically to the Fc region of immunoglobulins, leaving the Fab regions free for binding antigens. As a result of this property, Protein A Agarose has been used to isolate and purify immunoglobulins and immune complexes from serum, ascites, tissue culture supernatants, and other biological fluids.

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Chemical Information

 Protein A immobilized on agarose 4B beads through isourea linkage.


  • Ligand: recombinant protein A (manufactured in E. coli with animal-free materials)
  • Physical appearance: suspension in 0.02% NaN3 solution.
  • Immobilization method: immobilized through the reaction of the primary amines of protein A and hydroxyl groups of agarose.
  • Storage temp.: 2- 8 °C
  • Ligand concentration: ~ 5 mg protein A per mL of settled beads
  • Available binding capacity: ~ 42 mg human IgG per ml of settled beads 
  • Matrix: agarose 4B (source: GE Life Sicence).
  • pH stability: Long term: 3 to 9, short term: 2 to 10
  • Particle size: 45-165 mm


CellMosaic's SepSphere protein A agarose has been used routinely in house for purification of antibodies and antibody conjugates, demonstrating consistent performance and quality.

Figure 1: Binding Specificity of Protein A Agarose.


10 µl Protein A Agarose beads were incubated at RT for 2 hours with 40 µl PBS buffer containing 1 µg/µl of human IgG and 0.5 µg/µl of thyroglobumin, bovine serum albumin, ovalbumin, carbonic anhydrase, and RNase A each. The input and supernants (5 ul) were run on a 4-12% Bis-Tris SDS-PAGE (Invitrogen) with 1X MES running buffer and stained with Simply Blue (Sigma).

  • I: Input
  • A: supernatant of Protein A Agarose beads
  • B: supernatant of Agarose beads

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