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PNA Monomers

Polyamide nucleic acid (Nielsen's PNA, sometime called peptide nucleic acid) is a non-ribose non-phophate oligonucleotide surrogate. It has a pseudo-peptide backbone composed of charge neutral and achiral N-(2-aminoethyl) glycine units to which the nucleobases are attached via a methylene carbonyl linker. Nielsen’s PNA can bind both to single-stranded RNA and to double-stranded DNA with high affinity (Reference a-c). In cell-free systems, it can block translation of mRNAs and initiation of transcription from duplex DNA (For review on Nielson's PNA, refer to d-i).

CellMosaic is pleased to offer high purity PNA monomers (>99% by HPLC) for PNA synthesis through Fmoc based solid phase synthesis. Each monomer is packed with 500 mg per bottle. If you need custom package to be compatible with your synthesizer, please let us know. 

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