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Gel Electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis is an inexpensive and convenient method for analyzing mixtures of proteins, peptides, oligos, and their conjugates based on charge and molecular weight. It can also be used to assess the purity of the biopolymers and bioconjugates. CellMosaic routinely uses this technique to analyze bioconjugation reactions and the bioconjugation product.

Price Information for Some Standard Gel electrophoresis Services

CodeService TypeDescriptionSetup Fee/Rate
Protein PAGE (SDS or un-denatured)
Analyze antibodies, proteins, and enzyme-related products.
DNA/Protein PAGE
Analyze DNA-related products. Gel will be double-stained for DNA-protein/antibody/enzyme conjugates.

Note: Setup fee is per gel and Rate is per sample. Standard service is 1-3 days. Additional charges may apply to sample preparation. Please ask us for a quote before placing an order.


Examples of Gel electrophoresis profiles of bioconjugates:

Example 1: Conjugates prepared from three types of molecules: Protein or peptide, monoclonal antibody (mAb), and fluorescent dye Alexa Fluor ® 647 (AF647 from Thermo Fisher Scientific). Protein/peptide-mAb ratio: 1:1, mAb over dye ratio: 4.5