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Bioconjugate Drug Development

CellMosaic offers a complete drug discovery and development program for drug conjugates and drug modifications using classical linkers and polymers. Over the years, CellMosaic has delivered many high-quality conjugate drugs for customers based on our advanced conjugation processes. These processes can be modified for new conjugate drug development for our customers.

 The services we provide include:

  • Custom design and development of conjugation strategies to fit your needs (customer owns the rights for the compound)
  • Proof-of-concept Studies: CellMosaic has in-house conjugation processes ready to quickly synthesize any drug conjugates for initial proof-of-concept studies.
  • Conjugate Drug Discovery:
    • Evaluation of the labeling sites
    • Evaluation of the linkage or labeling chemistry (stable vs. cleavable)
    • Evaluation of the linkers or polymers
  • Conjugate Drug Development:
    • Stability studies
    • Development of purification method for drug bioconjugates
    • Development of bio-analytical methods (HIC, SEC, cation or anion exchange HPLC, MS)
    • pK studies of conjugate drugs in blood and tissue extracts
    • Lipid formulation studies
    • Process development
    • Process transfer

Examples of Classical Drug Conjugates and Drug Modifications frequently done at CellMosaic:

Depending on the needs of a customer’s project, the typical turn-around time for synthesizing any drug conjugates for initial proof-of-concept is 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to discuss your project.

AqueaTether™ Therapeutics, a separate division of CellMosaic, has developed novel super-hydrophilic and high-loading AqueaTether™ linkers and polymers for drug conjugation. To explore this opportunity and learn more about AqueaTether™ platform technologies, please visit our website at aqttherapeutics.com