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Peptide—Oligo Conjugate

  • Image 1
  • Example 1: Synthesis and purification of BHQ2 oligo-peptide conjugates.
  • Example 2: Synthesis and purification of oligo labeled with a very hydrophobic peptide.
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Product Description

At CellMosaic, we rountinely synthesize oligo-peptide conjugates for customers, in particularly, the ones that customers have difficulties in obtaining themselves due to the properties of the starting oligos or peptides. We use various strategies to obatin a site-specific labeled oligo-peptide. The routine method we use is to utilize an N-terminal Cys incorporated peptide to react with a maleimide activated oligo. If the peptide has an internal Cys, we can use other strategies such as oxime formation through a hydroxyl-amine modified peptide reaction with an aldehyde modified oligo. 

Routine method:

  • Chemistry: Amine-oligo is first activated with an NHS ester-maleimide heterobifunctional crosslinker, then reacts with a terminal Cys containing peptide.
  • Specification: Product is HPLC purified and usually over 90% pure.
  • Procedure:  After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of amine modified-oligo with NHS ester-maleimide followed by gel filtration to remove excess crosslinking reagents. Then conjugation of peptide and HPLC purification. Finally concentration determination, HPLC and MS analysis.
  • Price: contact us for a quote.
  • Starting materials: Please check biopolymer for ordering information.

Examples (see images):

  1. Synthesis and purification of a black hole quencher 2 (BHQ2) modified oligo and peptide conjugates at CellMosaic (shown below): customer supplied starting oligo is only 59% pure. We are able to obtain over 99.9% pure of single labeled BHQ2 oligo-peptide conjugate. Product elutes earlier than BHQ2-oligo does and has characteristic UV spectrum of BHQ2 (550 nm) and oligo (260 nm).  bc0010-example-oligo-peptide-.jpg
  2. Synthesis and purification of a very hydrophobic peptide and oligo conjugates at CellMosaic (shown below): customer supplied starting peptide is less than 50% pure. We are able to obtain over 82% pure product.



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