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Half Antibody—HRP Conjugate

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  • Scheme: disulfide reduced half antibody reaction with maleimide activated enzyme
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Product Description

IgG molecules contain a number of disulfide bonds. The disulfide bonds in the hinge region can be selectively reduced to generate a half antibody containing sulfhydryl groups. The sulfhydryl groups can then react with a maleimide modified enzyme to produce a half antibody and enzyme conjugate. The conjugate produced by this method retains high activity.

  • Chemistry: Disulfide reduction to generate half-antibody, followed by reaction with maleimide activated enzyme HRP.
  • Specification: A pool of heterogeneous products.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of HRP (the enzyme) with the crosslinking reagent followed by gel filtration to remove excess crosslinking reagents. Reduction of the antibody to a half antibody and conjugation of the half antibody to labeled HRP; followed by purification. Finally, concentration determination, and gel electrophoresis analysis of the half-antibody-HRP conjugate.
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1. Nielsen, O; Buchardt O. Facile Synthesis of Reagents Containing a Terminal Maleimido Ligand Linked to an Active Ester. Synthesis 1991, 819-821.

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