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Fab'—HRP conjugate

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  • Scheme: thiol reduced Fab' reacting with maleimide activated enzyme
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Product Description

In this case sulfhydryl functional groups will be introduced through the reduction of F(ab')2 fragments. Conjugates produced by this method retain high activity.

  • Chemistry: F(ab')2 fragments are reduced at their heavy chain disulfides and then conjugated with a maleimide-activated enzyme HRP.
  • Specification: A pool of low molecular weight heterogeneous products.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of HRP (the enzyme) with NHS ester-maleimide followed by gel filtration to remove excess crosslinking reagents. Then reduction of F(ab')2 followed by conjugation of Fab' to the labeled HRP and purification. Finally, concentration determination and gel electrophoresis analysis of Fab'-HRP conjugate.
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  • Discount: 15 % discount price applies to additional conjugates ordered at the same time.

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