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Cellmosaic to Present AqueaTether™ (AqT™) carriers at the Ninth Annual Progress in Winning the War on Cancer

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CellMosaic is going to present the last seven years of work on developing water soluble AqueaTether™ (AqT™) carriers for next generation antibody-drug conjugates and combination treatments. The program is partially funded by a DOD Breast Cancer Breakthrough award. Using current processes, CellMosaic can synthesize linear or branched AqT™ carriers loading 8, 16, or more drugs site-specifically at the reduced thiol groups of heavy chains of antibodies while maintaining the solubility of the antibody-drug conjugate. Please come and visit us during the poster session on May 19, 2017, at the Ninth Annual Progress in Winning the War on Cancer organized by the American Cancer Society and MassBio. We are currently looking for partners who can further develop and utilize the AqT™ program.

About CellMosaic, Inc.

CellMosaic, Inc. is an innovator and leader in bioconjugation and crosslinking technologies. Several key technologies are being developed at CellMosaic, including oxLink technologies for studying protein–protein interactions; NeIon™ technologies for detecting and quantitating trace amounts of analytes of interest; super-hydrophilic AqueaTether linkers for clean conjugation of antibody/protein/peptide/oligo with small molecule drugs; biocompatible, biodegradable, mono-dispersed AqueaTether macromolecules for modification of protein/peptide/oligo drugs and preparation of highly loaded small molecule drugs for better delivery; and bioconjugation platform technologies involving screening, labeling/crosslinking, purification, and analysis of any bioconjugate. The company is also actively engaged in serving biological communities by providing custom synthesis of high quality bioconjugate products.

About AqueaTether Therapeutics.

AqueaTether Therapeutics is a division of CellMosaic, created in 2016. AqueaTether™ Therapeutics focuses on the discovery and development of novel hybrid drug entities beyond the conventional drug classes by using AqueaTether ™ (AqT™) conjugation and delivery platform technologies. We work together with our partners to advance their program. For more information regarding AqueaTether-based bioconjugate drugs, please visit our website: www.aqttherapeutics.com