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Bioanalytical Services

CellMosaic specializes in the analysis of biomolecules and their bioconjugates. We provide a variety of analytical services ranging from mass spectrometric analysis to liquid chromatographic analysis and gel electrophoresis. We offer very competitive prices with high quality and fast turn-around time.

arrowsmMass spectrometric analysis: Mass spectrometry can give you an idea of how many components are in a sample and identify all of the components. This analysis is very useful for analyzing large biomolecules, such as peptides, oligos, and proteins, for which routing NMR analysis is not practical. MS analysis is crucial for characterizing a bioconjugation reaction and analyzing its products. For example, if a pool of heterogeneous bioconjugate product is present, MS will provide a distribution of the MW of all the conjugates. So information such as how many molecules are labeled by another molecule can easily be obtained. When coupled with enzymatic digestion and MS/MS, the exact position can also be obtained. We currently offer intact MS measurements for small organic compounds, peptides, oligos, proteins, antibodies, and enzymes by electrospray ionization and MALDI-TOF. We can detect compounds up to a MW of 200 KDa.

arrowsmLiquid chromatographic analysis: Liquid chromatography is usually used to assess the purity of a sample. When coupled with a diode array detector, HPLC can also be used to characterize the individual components of a mixture. Depending on which columns are used, HPLC can analyze small organic molecules, peptides, oligos, proteins, and bioconjugates.

arrowsmGel electrophoresis: Gel electrophoresis is used to separate a mixture of biopolymers and assess the purity of a single biopolymer. At CellMosaic, we routely use gel electrophoresis to analyze bioconjuation reactions involving oligos, proteins, and antibodies.