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Basic Biopolymer Labeling

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Please contact us for a quote.

Product Description

For procedures involved in labeling a functionalized biopolymer using a preactivated small molecule, we charge our client a standard price.

  • Chemistry: Preactivated small molecules that can react with an amine, acid, aldehyde, hydrazine, hydroxyamine, maleimide/alkyl halide, and sulfhydryl functional group in a biopolymer.
  • Specification: Less than 5% of unreacted small molecules (for example free dye) remain in the labeled biopolymer after a standard desalting.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of biopolymer using small molecules followed by a standard desalting. Finally concentration and labeling ratio determination (if applicable).
  • Price: please contact us for a quotation. Small molecule and biopolymer may need modification to introduce additional functional groups and extra linkers prior to the lableing, check small molecule activation and biopolymer modification.
  • Starting materials: Please check biopolymer and small molecule for ordering information.
  • Note: Labeling ratio can be optimized at client's request.

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