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Basic Biopolymer Conjugation

  • Molecules (M1/M2): protein, peptide, oligo, antibody, small molecule, siRNA, fluorescent compound, biotin
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Product Description

For conjugating one biopolymer to another biopolymer using a heterobifunctional crosslinker, we charge our client a standard price.

  • Chemistry: Typical preparation of conjugates using a heterobifunctional crosslinker through NHS ester-Maleimide, reductive amination, oxime, and hydrozone formation.
  • Specification:A pool of heterogeneous products containing single or multi-site labeling per molecule.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary) 1st biopolymer labeling using the heterobifunctional crosslinking reagent of choice. Then excess crosslinking reagents removal by gel filtration and labeling ratio/efficiency determination (or functional group test if applicable), followed by conjugation of 2nd biopolymer.
  • Price: Please contact us for a quote. Some biopolymers may need to be modified first to introduce additional functional groups and extra linkers prior to the conjugation. Check biopolymer modification for more information.
  • Starting materials: Please check biopolymer for ordering information.

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