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Antibody—HRP Conjugate

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  • Scheme: thiol modified IgG reaction with maleimide activated enzyme
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Product Description

CellMosaic routinely performs antibody-HRP conjugation for customers using long polyethylene glycol based crosslinkers.

  • Chemistry: Typical preparation of antibody conjugates using NHS ester-Maleimide heterobifunctional crosslinkers.
  • Specification: A pool of heterogeneous products.
  • Procedure: After a buffer exchange (if necessary), labeling of HRP (the enzyme) with the crosslinking reagent followed by gel filtration to remove excess crosslinking reagents. Then antibody thiolation using 2-iminothiolane followed by conjugation of antibody to the labeled HRP and purification. Finally, concentration determination and gel electrophoresis analysis of the Antibody-HRP conjugate.
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  • Starting materials: Please check biopolymer for ordering information.
  • Note: In this case sulfhydryl functional groups are introduced to an antibody through Lys residues using a reliable and reproducible procedure. However, if some of the modified or conjugated Lys residues are located on the antigen binding sites, this method may produce partially active or inactive antibody-enzyme conjugates that may not bind to the antigen. In such a case an alternative conjugation method may be used.
  • Discount: 15 % discount price applies to additional conjugates ordered at the same time.
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